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Cad/Cam bar @ Dundee Dental
milled bar on implants
implant bar
Atlantis implants

Precision Dental Implant Restorations 

The next evolution of implant restorative superstructures 

Atlantis CAD/CAM BAR 

Provides superstructures for removable dentures 
Can be designed to include a combination of various attachments 
Bars can be designed with extensions that follow the gingival profile 

CAD/CAM Hybrid Screw Retained 

Provides a surface with retention elements for Acrylic teeth 
Screw retained for easy removal 
Removes the need for cement 
Temp bridge can be constructed as a back up if needed 
Temp bridge is constructed with confirmation jig parts already provided 

Atlantis ISUS 2 in 1 

Provides primary and secondary superstructures for a removeable solution 
Primary is fixed to implants 
Secondary attaches to the primary using friction 
additional retention can be provided by locking pins or locators 
Provides the patient with a stable and retentive restoration 
Atlantis bars
2 in 1 bar

Locking Pins 

Locking pins provide a secure and stable fixation 
Patient can easily remove denture with tool provided 
locking pins
implant 2 in 1 bar

CAD/CAM Scaning 

Cad/Cam designs for Technician approval 
Structure designed with in the approved Try-In 
Important to have an accurate Try-In 
Only very minor adjustments can be made after design approval 

Clinical Benefits 

Wide flexibility and design 
Precision providing tension-free fit 
Available for major implant systems 
Wide range of attachment components 
Superstructures are patient specific 
Designed from a diagnostic tooth set-up 
Provides predictability 
2 in 1 bar
implant denture
locking pins
Case estimates on request as cases are specifically designed for each patient