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Mouth Guards 

Custom Mouthguards are made for oral protection for adults and children and are recommended by schools and sports associations. Professional sports teams and individuals wear them in a number of different sports. 
If you or your child takes part in any kind of physical sport there is a risk of damage to your teeth. Mouthguards are like crash helmets for teeth and are almost universally worn in contact sports such as Rugby, Boxing, Karate, Basket Ball, Hockey, Hurling, Soccer, Gaelic Football, etc. 
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Custom Mouthguards are made from an impression taken by the dentist and models are cast from this, achieving an exact fit. 

Protection Levels 

They are made in a wide range of colours and combination of colours of your choice. Custom Mouthguards come in a range of protection levels depending on the type of sport and your age. 
Less bulky for children with deciduous teeth present and who participate in sports that don’t involve a hard stick or ball. 
For sports where the player will not encounter a hard stick or ball. 
Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, etc. 
For sports where the player may encounter a hard stick or ball. 
Hockey, Hurling, Lacrosse, Boxing, etc. 
For players who may encounter a weapon or hard ball going at high speed 
Ice hockey, Cricket, Kick boxing, etc. 
Mouthguards are constructed to articulated upper and lower models. The Mouthguard is pressure laminated using a tough elastic thermoforming material formulated for the construction of Custom made Sports Mouthguards. 
Mouthguards are supplied with a carrying container and care instructions. 

Information for Dentists 

We require upper and lower alginate impressions to full depth of the palate and sulcus and include all the teeth; we also require a full arch bite registration in centric occlusion. 
NEW RANGE of mouthguards available. Pick from a range of decals or supply your own logo or crest 
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