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Temp bridge on implants
e.max @ Dundee dental
Screw retained crown

Crowns & Bridges 

We offer a full range of products including E.max, Zirconia, All Ceramic, Bonded to metal and Composite materials to meet today‚Äôs demands. Whether you require a simple Bonded crown, or full mouth restoration requiring careful pre-planning from the initial stages through to the completed case we have the expertise to help. 
We can provide diagnostic wax-ups, provisionalisation and Denar articulator mounted models to achieve success and patient satisfaction. 

Metal Ceramics 

Traditionally the use of gold alloy substructures was the key to successful restorations. In modern day dentistry All-Ceramics have given us another dimension that is more aesthetically pleasing. 
Nevertheless there will always be a need for Metal Ceramics because of their exceptional masking properties and their favourable wear characteristics. 


If you want the ultimate aesthetic result all ceramic restorations can be manufactured in materials such as Lava Zirconia and Procera Alumina for single tooth restorations & Zirconia substructures for bridge units. 
These materials display ideal properties for use within the oral environment 
They react to light in a similar way to natural dentition. 
All ceramic crowns
IPS e.max
e.max Pressable technology delivering the ultimate in fit, strength and aesthetics. 
Single Unit Upper and Lower Crowns and Onlays. 
Single Unit Pre-molar and Molar Inlays. 
Single Unit Upper Anterior Veneers (etching required). 
3 Unit Anterior Bridge Substructures 
Benefits of e.max 
Accurate fit 
Optimum aesthetic results for producing veneers and inlays 
3 levels of opacity 
High strength Glass Ceramic offering 400MPa flexural strength 
Glass Ceramic Porcelain can be layered on all e.max components 
Compatible with cements such as Multilink Automix (Ivoclar) or 3M Espe Rely X Unicem 

Composite Inlays 

Composites represent the well-established concept of high strength micro- hybrid composite system with unsurpassed durability, natural opalescence and excellent lifelike aesthetics. 
Composite inlays
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